The Music Hutt



Quotes We got married last month and Kayle was our Dj. We initially wanted a band, however we could not afford one. We found Kayle and we are so lucky we did! He did better than a band and then some! My husband loves an eclectic selection of music and Kayle was very eager and excited to meet with us to make a perfect playlist! The day of the wedding he was so helpful and organized everything for us! He even came to ask if we needed food or a drink! We are so please with Kayle and would recommend him to all couples getting married Quotes
Kim Watson

Quotes Wow!!!!! There are no words to describe how wonderful is Kayle!!!!! I knew in my heart from just talking to him several times on the phone that he was going to be awesome!!! AND, he did * not *disappoint me or my husband!!! From the moment we arrived at the reception, he took over and ran everything for us! Tim and I didn't have to worry about a thing! He was very entertaining and had everything planned perfectly. It was the night of our lives and we owe that to Kayle. I am still hearing from those guests that attended the reception how wonderful it was and how much fun he made it. Before making a decision about a DJ for your wedding reception, be sure to give Kayle a call and just talk to him, I promise you that you will not be disappoint and if he promises something he will deliver on it!!!! Thank you for such wonderful memories of our reception!!! You are AWESOME!!!! Quotes
Paula Johnson

Quotes I would just like to say, that Kayle (DJ K-Nice) is the best!! I got married in April, then I had 1 friend get married in may, and one in June. Since we all live in the same town a lot of the same people came to all 3 of our weddings. Kayle really goes above and beyond to make sure everyone, even the older crowd has a great time. Later on when i saw some of the wedding guests that were invited to all 3 weddings, we were talking about how they all turned out and everyone agreed that mine was the most fun because of the DJ. I'm very glad I chose Kayle as my DJ Thanks again for making it so GREAT! Quotes